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Best Laser Hair Removal Studio in Kitchener

Kitchener is a beautiful place in Ontario, Canada. It is famous and attractive due to its Parks, Recreation, Art, and Culture. People love to spend time in places that are stress-free and relaxing. This gives them immense happiness and pleasure.

Oceania is the Best Laser Hair Removal Studio in Kitchener. The person who started this renowned studio is Sonya Malhotra. Working at a Salon is from where she started her career. And later this experience helped her to open up her own salons. She focused on providing haircut services and Laser hair removals. She ensured that her clients are the priority when it comes to providing the services. Her experience and knowledge led her to create an image in the hearts of her clients.

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser treatments are best to remove unwanted hair from legs, hands, arms, body, and face. The following reasons justify why this treatment is beneficial:

Lasers help to target the dark and hard hairs, and most importantly they do not damage the skin.

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The speed at which Laser hair removal is done is really worth it. It takes only seconds to treat many hairs together. Small areas take less than a minute and larger areas may take an hour to be treated.

The clients can expect permanent hair removal in three to seven sessions. But the client needs to have patience and be regular at the studio.

Technology Used:

The technology used for hair removal at Oceania studio is the best in itself.

Alma Soprano Ice Platinum: The Platinum edition makes use of 3 laser wavelengths into a single inventive handpiece. It targets the specific tissue depths in the hair follicle at the same time. The Soprano Ice Platinum provides the safest and most effective hair removal. It has a proven safety record.

Trio Clustered Diode Technology: It can be used for the widest range of hair types and colors. It is specialized in darker skin types. The most important feature is that it takes half the time of treatment.

In Oceania, the clients will witness the best ambiance where they can even feel relaxed and carefree. These types of treatments require proper attention and time, so we ensure that the treatment is well ready in advance. Our staff is always ready with proper hospitality and is updated with all the treatments that are to be given to the clients. They are provided regular sessions on how to understand the needs of the clients.

It is the role of the staff to ensure that each client is given personal attention and care. For us, our client is our priority. We do not undervalue the time of the client and ensure that their time is not wasted when they visit us. Regular feedback is taken from all our clients, in order to keep our services up to the expectations of the clients. This also helps Oceania to understand where improvement is required and how.

So, Come to Oceania and experience a different way towards happiness and a healthy body.